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McIntosh MC-452 2x450W power amplifier

Brand: MCINTOSH | Product Code: MC-452
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At 450 watts per channel, the MC452 is the most powerful McIntosh stereo amplifier and utilizes the latest advancements in circuit and cosmetic design. With the MC452, the latest circuit components are deployed in the classic McIntosh Quad Balanced design that cancels noise for impeccable audio performance.

It features the world famous McIntosh Autoformer, which guarantees your speakers will always receive the full 450 watts regardless of their impedance, while Power Guard® will prevent clipping that could damage your speakers. Unique McIntosh engineered speaker binding posts allow the most secure cable​ connections.

The entire unit is housed in a beautiful polished stainless steel chassis that not only complements the classic glass front panel, knobs and brushed aluminum handles, but also your room decor. Bring home the MC452 amplifier to achieve your desired listening experience.
McIntosh MC-452 2x450W power amplifier
McIntosh MC-452 2x450W power amplifierMcIntosh MC-452 2x450W power amplifierMcIntosh MC-452 2x450W power amplifier
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