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Clearaudio Nano Phono V2 Phono Preamp

Brand: CLEARAUDIO | Product Code: Nano Phono V2


The Nano Phonophonostage isn't ruffled by anything. External interferences are no longer an issue with this fine piece of engineering.

Its meticulously selected SMD components are assembled by hand in Erlangen and tested several times. The reward of these efforts is a signal to noise ratio of up to 84 decibels. The input impedance is set using plug-in links, so there is no loss of quality when using different moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

The Nano Phono Headphone additionally contains a powerful headphone amplifier within the solid aluminium housing for private listening at the highest fidelity.
Clearaudio Nano Phono V2 Phono Preamp
Clearaudio Nano Phono V2 Phono PreampClearaudio Nano Phono V2 Phono Preamp
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