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Classe Sigma MONO Power Ampliier

Brand: CLASSE | Product Code: Sigma MONO
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The Sigma MONO amplifier is the reference amplifier for a design group that began with the Delta series CA-D200 and extended to include the Sigma AMP2 and AMP5. These are proprietary Classé designs, not to be confused with the common approach of employing third-party modules. They are fully consistent with previous Classé designs sonically but offer notable virtues of their own. While the basic topology is the same across all four models, the Sigma MONO includes enhanced circuitry and offers additional power.
The Sigma MONO amplifiers are designed to pack tremendous power (over 700W continuous into 4Ω loads) into a relatively small and energy efficient chassis, while pushing performance and value to the highest level.
Classe Sigma MONO Power Ampliier
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