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Classe Sigma 2200i Integrated Amplifier

Brand: CLASSE | Product Code: Sigma 2200i
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The Sigma 2200i is a powerful stereo integrated amplifier with features like USB and Network streaming, HDMI 2.0 switching and bass management to accommodate the evolving needs of a modern hi-fi system.
It leverages the technical and performance advantages of our Sigma series separates to punch seriously above its weight class. As an integrated amplifier, the 2200i combines preamp and power amp functions in a single chassis. What’s special is its direct digital connection between the preamp section and the amplifier, which eliminates losses by removing digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversions from the signal path.

The Sigma 2200i Stereo Integrated Amplifier is designed for music lovers and AV enthusiasts who want high performance control and amplification from a diverse range audio sources. Its connectivity and processing power accommodate the ever increasing array of music and AV sources, allowing them to be accessed and enjoyed without compromise.
Classe Sigma 2200i Integrated Amplifier
Classe Sigma 2200i Integrated AmplifierClasse Sigma 2200i Integrated Amplifier
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