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B&W ASW10CM S2 Subwoofer

Brand: B&W | Product Code: ASW10CM S2
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When it comes to serious home theatre
sound, you’re going to need a seriously good subwoofer. ASW10CM S2 features a rugged bass driver constructed from a finely tuned mix of paper pulp, Kevlar fibres and resin, offering the balance of power and precision that movie sound effects demand.

ASW10CM S2 now features the option of either Gloss Black or Satin White finish, with a light gray grille, to better match the rest of the CM Series.

Underneath the stylish exterior lies the power and performance for which Bowers & Wilkins subwoofers are renowned. A 10" (250mm) Kevlar® driver is controlled by a highly efficient 500W audiophile Class D amplifier with switch mode power supply.

The result is that ASW10CM S2 can deliver the precise bass effects and power you might need in any situation, for any sized room or home cinema system.
B&W ASW10CM S2 Subwoofer
B&W ASW10CM S2 SubwooferB&W ASW10CM S2 Subwoofer