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Antipodes Music Server

Brand: ANTIPODES | Product Code: DX
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The DX Series provides the ultimate in digital audio sound quality. By providing your DAC with an ultra-low-noise, precision-clocked digital signal, your DAC can perform to its full potential. With almost any DAC you will experience sound that is organic and tonally rich with natural timbres, and yet with no lack of resolution, speed and dynamics.

All of the glare and unnatural timbre we all grew used to in the first few decades of digital audio are simply gone. But the DX goes further than this, providing unique insight into what each artist is doing, conveying the music in a way never heard before from digital audio. Better DACs will sound better, but this fundamental quality of the DX will be heard with almost any audiophile DAC.

The DX starts with getting the best possible rip from your CD collection. Playing a CD in near-real-time will not get a perfect read, but a ripping process can slow down to re-read the disc when necessary till a perfect rip is achieved. Antipodes servers have optimised the ripping hardware and software to get you the best possible rip with every CD. Music files are stored on the DX internal solid state storage.

The music files are able to be read perfectly from solid state storage much faster than real time playback, and so the music files are first transferred rapidly in block mode into the DX RAM, and therefore the playback process begins in RAM - a source with the lowest possible latency. A key element of Antipodes server design is the purpose-built Linux operating system, running only the services necessary to play the music files. This is in contrast to other systems where RAM is busy with multiple tasks at once. In our experience even the smallest unnecessary additional activity in RAM will diminish the sound quality of a music server.

Although reading from a storage drive is superior to reading from a spinning CD, the problem with using a standard computer or a mediocre music server, is that they generate electronic noise at a much greater level than any CD player, and this noise pollutes the digital signal to the DAC. But what makes all the difference is that Antipodes servers have been designed and tuned to both minimise noise interference with the digital signal, and to tune the frequency spectrum of the residual noise to place it in a benign part of the spectrum. Additional key features in the DX design are the use of only solid state storage (just having an internal HDD connected will generate noise), and heavily over-specified linear power supplies with custom-wound transformer with a dedicated power feed to the output card, and with an independent linear supply running everything else.
Antipodes Music Server
Antipodes Music ServerAntipodes Music Server