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Antipodes DS Base Music Server

Brand: ANTIPODES | Product Code: DS Base
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The Antipodes DS incorporates the same technology core as the DX, but cost is reduced by using a specially designed external single semi-switched power supply, hard drive storage, and reduced processing resources. Even so the DS has received many accolades for its audio performance, exhibiting the full, rich and organic sound that sets Antipodes music servers apart from their competitors.

The semi-switched power supply uses switching elements in the AC to DC section, which significantly reduces cost, size and heat. But the DC regulation stage is fully linear and so this power supply performs well beyond any switch-mode power supply can for a music server.

The use of spinning hard drives makes storage much more affordable but is a step down in audio performance from using SSDs, as used in the DS GT and DX. Note that we only use quiet 2.5" (laptop) spinning drives, and do not use the cheaper 3.5" drives used in many music servers. The 3.5" drives generate several times more vibration, heat, acoustic noise and electronic noise interference. Note that if using Roon with a large library, using spinning hard drives for the Roon software and database will mean slower responsiveness compared to using SSDs. This only applies to the very high I/O requirements of the Roon Server application. For this reason the DS is able to be purchased with a medium-sized SSD to hold all software and the Roon database, with files stored on spinning hard drives.
Antipodes DS Base Music Server
Antipodes DS Base Music ServerAntipodes DS Base Music Server